Tuesday, March 14, 2017

what is the best thing about the  new year is that you can start new goal or u can do some goals that u didnt do last year or u can get ur work done for an example rn its a new year i might be a little late but my goal is to catch up on all of my work and to turn it in so i can raise my grades so i can graduate and i can go to collage with my mom hahah and u can also workout to so u can prepare for the summer or eat alot to stay warm for the next winter might have a little head start tho hahah and that is why people love the new year cause it sort of like a restart button for  people
if u could spend 15 min with someone who would it be i would choose god and i would ask him what made him think or want to create the universe and how he did it like how did he learn all the stuff or dose he just automaticly learn it and how long it took him cause it just sounds intresting to me cause in earth it takes 24 hours for  earth to orbit the sun and in venus it takes 5 832 hours to go around the sun and i also want to ask him what is the purpose of life and i also would like to ask him witch of the stories are true about the earth and i also would like to know if their were other gods like in the other religons.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

i push myself outside my comfert zone about 3 times a day because i like learing new things

Saturday, October 29, 2016

What is real?  nothing is technology not real it's just when someone thinks they are
Who has shaped your perception of reality? my dad shaped my perception on reality because
How influential are your parents in creating your reality? they are very influential because they try to share some of their life experiences with me if i have a similar problem that they had
How much of your reality is related to your race or ethnicity?it has a big impact because people will treat you differently based on your race
How influential is your community in creating your reality?it also plays a big role in your reality because your community influences the way you become
Does social class and economic status influence a person’s reality? yes because people will have different views of you based on your social class

How much of an American’s reality is shaped by the media? alot because we have been exposed to it so much and it affects our lifestyle choices to

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

do movies and tv shows  affect people's reality
yes they do affect people's reality because movies are like simulations of life events and people and people might also experience some of those events that they saw in the movie and react like what they saw in the movie for an example in the movie pursuit of happiness which is about a salesmen who loses his house and has became  homeless which is trying to get a better job so he can provide a good house for him and his son and throughout the movie he faces many challenges  but never gives up on his goals.  which can influence people's decisions when they are also facing challenges that come in their way also in the movie yes man which is about a man who says no to everything and is living a bad life until he goes with a friend to a program which influences people to say yes to everything and when he did that his life started to get better because he experienced more things on life which is important because people who watch this movie might not just reject  an activity they get asked to do they might think about it and experience something new. Also on kid tv shows i give events where they have to share not lie etc an example a kid watches tv before school and in the show the main character experiences an event where he or she has to share most likely the kid will share also because they copy what they see on tv Which is really cool how big of an impact movies are on people's lives and most people don't even really realize it.


Family is beautiful because no matter what they will allways be there for you no matter what happens and they will be their whenever you need someone to talk to or when u are in a problem and u need some advice or another opinion to help you get out of the problem or they might help you by just being their or when you are bored you can allways go to one of their houses or just meet up somewhere to go hang out or just relax and just talk and make some jokes.and they are there for you when you are feeling down or fustrated they can talk to you and be real with you by letting you know when you are in the wrong and family will allways have your back if anything happens and will lookout for you making sure you dont mess up in school or in life and forgive you probbaly not in the same day or week or month but they will forgive you also sound is beautiful it dosen't matter what all types of sound is beautiful  because without sound life would be lifeless and boring because